Starting Tips for a Blog with WordPress

Registering your domain, purchasing the hosting and installing WordPress are some of the most essential and simple steps to start building up your online presence. But these steps are just the basics.
The following blog post will outline the essential steps that each webmaster has to implement on their website. Although some of these may sound complicated, they are actually not that hard to implement and can be implemented even by beginner webmasters if they follow the instructions carefully.
Let’s get started.
Setting up security
You can check out the article here to find out more.
Why would you care about setting up your backup and security before you even begin publishing content on your brand-new website? The reason is so you can have a backup file that is regularly updated. This will help you with recovering your website data in case of an unforeseen event such as a hack or hosting server crash.
It is better to set these up from the very beginning so you can avoid unpleasant situations one day when you have found out that years of hard work have been wasted due to security or file storage problems. Here is how you can prepare in advance and be one step ahead of potential technical issues that can ruin your site and your online business.
First, login to your WordPress dashboard.
Then, go to Plugins- Add new.
Type WordFence in the search bar.
This is the one you should install.
Click the Install Now button. I already have it installed so this is why it says Active. If all goes well, something like this should pop up.
Setting up backup
First, log back in the dashboard. Go to Plugins -> Add New. Search for BackWPUp. Click on Install. And now you have a simple and efficient data backup solution for your website.
Setting up Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a must-have tool for any webmaster. Google Analytics is a cloud-based software platform, provided by Google, and its purpose is to generate useful and actionable data. The platform runs under the freemium model, which means that some of the features will need to be paid for. But have no worries.
If you are still a beginner or you do not operate very large website you will find that you have all the tools needed in one place. It is even used by professionals so I am sure that you will have all the necessary features that you could need in the near future and beyond.
So, how do you set up Google Analytics?
There are several ways to do it.
One of these involves locating and editing some HTML code and placing it on the right place in your website. The second way is much more straight-forward and is also beginner-friendly.
Here is how to do it.
First, you will have to login into WordPress dashboard. Next, you will hover over the Plugins button, located on the menu on the left and click Add Plugins. Here is a screenshot below.
Next, click on the search box and type “Google Analytics Dashboard For WP”. Here is the screenshot.
Next, you have to create your content plan? What are you going to write about? How often are you going to publish? Who are the readers of your blog? These are some of the most essential questions you need to answer.
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