What are the basic steps to start a blog?

I've been in your place quite a few times. Since I'm just coming back from creating a blog myself, here are a few key points:
1. Search up some well known sites to open your blog with. WordPress, Blogspot are some of the common choices. The sign up methods are pretty straightforward, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. You'll end up spending more time thinking of a blog name than the time it takes to make one.
2. Content: Do you have a specific talent that you want to share with the virtual world, or are you just one of those lurking-between-brilliant-ideas types, but can't get to the point of manifesting them in the written word? Decide on the general theme of your blog, and get on to it.
3. Blog name: This is the most tricky part, and I think the most important one. Your blog name says a lot about what kind of person you are, and what content you will put forth. Don't be lazy when it comes to naming, and definitely keep trying to exhaust your creative talent till you find the perfect name. Remember, Harry Potter might've killed the Dark Lord but he definitely wasn't the greatest "chosen name giver one"
4. Motivation: You're brimming with brilliant ideas on some good days, but you go for several days, even weeks, when you can't even summon up the word prowess of a five year old. Your world is as grey as the plentiful grey matter in your brain that has temporarily gone for a hike, and you didn't write down your better ideas when you were getting them. What a sob story, right? Well get cracking! Don't wait for the perfect moment to get hit by an epiphany. There's no right time for some good ol' write-time. Make a rough schedule and devote at least a few hours every week to stock up on some good blog ideas, and hit the internet. Write. There are options, for example, in WordPress, to define a publishing time for your article or to save something as a draft for further proofreading, so in case you find that what you've written is below the mark, you can always choose those.
5. Proofread: You might've been the ruling king of the Grammar holocaust, and maybe everything you've ever written has come out as if it was from a Led Zeppelin song, but ain't no shame in giving it one more read. Plus: you get to revel at your own fine wordwork. But seriously, ALWAYS, ALWAYS proofread.
Last, but probably the most prudent of all advice, enjoy. Let your imagination light up your world and let your words leave the tips of your fingers like they were high- on feels. 
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